Publication engagement

The Prepr engagement section shows deep insights of the engagement on your publications. Engagement is all interactions of your audience with your publications. Go to the menu item Engagement to see all interactions.

Engagement details

The engagement overview is a summery of all interactions to your content, such as likes, dislikes, comments, shares and bookmarks. The page contains direct links to detailed engagement ins and outs. The engagement is a value based on points per interaction.


The overview page contains a summary of all engagement data:

  • Publications: a list of publications with the most interactions.
  • Persons: a list of persons who interacted most to your content
  • Stories: a list of stories with the most interactions
  • Channels: the engagement seen over your different touchpoints
  • Interactions: a detailed view of the different interactions used by your audience

Detail pages

Every detail page contains more in-dept information about the engagement. You can easily switch between date ranges and interaction types. Each page starts with a chart and a summary:

  • Interactions: all interactions in the given period
  • Persons: the number of persons who interacted in the given period
  • Interactions per person: the number of interactions per person (total / persons)
  • Engagement: the total engagement value of all interactions in the given period