with Google (deprecated)

How to sign-in users using their Google Account.

Setting-up a Google Account integration

Sign in to your Prepr account
Go to and sign in with your Prepr account credentials. Then navigate to the Environment you want to create the Sign-In for.

Set-up integration Go to Settings -> Integrations and click Activate below the Google App integration.

Enter a name, your App Id, Secret key and click save.

Copy the Sign-in Url you need this later.

Redirect the customer to the Google Sign-In page

After a customer has clicked on the "Sign-In" link on your front-end, the customer is redirected to the Google Sign-In page. After a sign-in the Prepr API will redirect the customer back to your front-end.

Example url:

Implementing a Sign-In handler

If the customer clicks on the sign-in link, the API will redirect the customer back to your site. The API will add a query param access_token to the url.<YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN>

This token is a temporary sign-in token. To use this for following requests we need to convert it to an Personal Access Token.

This is pretty simple, just create a POST request to with the received token as the Authentication Bearer header.

This will result in a new Personal Access Token for the customer:

    "id": "ef1088eb-2f29-4acc-8748-73bebd99c703",
    "last_seen": "2021-03-01T15:35:58+00:00",
    "first_name": "Ryan",
    "last_name": "Vaughan",
    "access_token": {
        "access_token": "HBM0kZq60ers7U11k3Gm7QlN6gCHjj1rAH0T74J9vnY2Gyv7xIFE3yE0gfuyHp",
        "token_type": "Bearer",
        "expires_in": null

Done! 🥳 You've completed the sign-in. The new token can now be used to create events or personalized API requests.