Quickly scale up or down to support any number of users or environments. Pricing flexes with your business requirements, enabling affordable trials and large enterprise implementations. You can read more about our plans on

Your current plan

You can check your current plan at Plan → Subscription. You can check if your Users, Environments and Records still fit in your current plan. The limits on users, environments and records according to your plan are soft limits. Prepr will continue working, but our account managers will contact you.

Change plan

If you want to downgrade or upgrade your current plan, you can contact our sales team. Go to  Plan → Subscription, and click the button of your plan choice. Our sales team will contact the account owner about this request.

Cancel subscription

We're sorry to see you go! Please note that only the account owner can cancel the subscription. If you're sure you want to cancel, please contact our support team. Just send a message via and we will process your cancellation.