Integrate with Commerce Layer

The Commerce Layer integration lets you select and link products inside Prepr publications.

Editors can easily preview products in Prepr and search for Commerce Layer SKUs.

SKU IDs and basic product info like pricing are available in the Prepr API so that you can show them in your front end applications.


1: Set up in Commerce Layer

To start using the Commerce Layer integration acquire Commerce Layer credentials using the following steps:

- Sign-in to your Commerce Layer account

- Select Roles and click New Role.

- Fill in Prepr integration as the name for the new role, and click on the table header read to select all read permissions.

- Click Create to save the new role.

- Select Organizations and click on your organization.

- Go to Settings -> Applications -> New Application.

- Fill in a name for the Prepr integration and select integration in the Kind field.

- Select the newly created role Prepr integration as de Application Role, and click Create.

2: Set up in Prepr

- Sign in to your Prepr account.

- Select Settings -> Apps.

- Click Install at the Commerce Layer integration and fill in the credentials acquired in step 1.

3: Add the new Content integration to a model

- Select Settings -> Content -> Models and click on the Model you want the integration to be added to.

- Click Add Field -> Content integration and select Commerce Layer.

That's all! 👌🏻 You can now search, select and link products in your Prepr Publications.


How often is the SKU metadata updated?

Prepr will update the basic SKU metadata every 15 minutes.
This could change in the future.

How can I query the Commerce Layer API for the SKUs I linked in my Prepr publications?

To fetch the data for the products corresponding to the SKUs you have selected and saved in your publications, you will need to query the SKUs endpoint of the Commerce Layer API with a filter applied for your SKUs.