Prepr’s Product Roadmap

We’re constantly improving our products, integrations, and services. Learn about features we're working on and upcoming improvements.

Q4 2023

Renewed content editor

The renewed editor will include behavior that you are familiar with in other rich text editors such as shortcut commands to copy, paste, undo, etc. and makes it easy to move or navigate between different elements in the editor. The renewed editor will make it much easier for editors to manage content with rich text exclusively in Prepr, for example, if you manage many articles for a blog site.

Q1 2024

Manage and localize asset fields

Additional fields will be added to assets to give you more flexibility when managing assets for content items. The new feature will include localization on these fields.

Copy content items between environments

Copy your content items to any other environment within your Prepr organization. This way, you can get published content into your development and test environments at the click of a button to test realistic use cases.

Segment builder improvements

Additional filters will be available when building a segment for the following items:

  • A time limit option to track recent events, for example a view of a content item within the last 7 days.
  • A segment weight option that determines the most important segment for a visitor that has more than one segment.

Live preview in content items

View the front end in Prepr and see the effect of changing content items in real time.

Q2 2024

Measure and evaluate metrics for A/B testing and personalization

Analyze your A/B test or personalization efforts easily within Prepr with basic metrics such as impressions, number of clicks and CTR. This is not meant to be a replacement for an analytics tool, but merely a quick view on some essential metrics without needing an external metrics tool from the get-go.

Q3 2024

Conditional fields in the Schema

This feature will give you more flexibility when defining your schema such as when you want to make certain fields available only when a specific condition is met. For example, show a set list of sub-categories when a specific category is selected.

Q4 2024

Field-level localization

The current localization feature allows editors to easily create content items in different locales with a translation wizard for the text fields. Field-level localization will allow you to select which fields need to be localized and which fields are the same for all locales. So, it'll be easier for editors to localize individual fields in the content items. For example, when you want to keep the same hero image for all locales.

Previously released

The list below are some major releases from the previous roadmap. For a full list of all updates, check out the changelog.

Drafts for published content items

Make changes to published content items without affecting the published version. Explicitly publish or schedule the content item when the changes are ready. This gives an editor complete control over changing and republishing previously published content items.

Released September 29th, 2023. See changelog for details.

“People also viewed” recommendations

Extend your content recommendations with suggestions generated based on user behavior data. The “People also viewed” recommendations algorithm shows items that were frequently viewed by visitors who also viewed the current item in your web application.

Released June 30th, 2023. See changelog for details.

Schema sync

Synchronize your live content schema, including models, components, and remote sources, to any other environment within your Prepr organization. This way, you can create the development environment at the click of a button for testing more realistic test cases.

Released March 10th, 2023. See changelog for details.

Advanced page builder

Create feature-rich web pages made up of different elements in a quick and easy way with the advanced page builder. Using a simple editor, group several page elements, for example, a banner, products, and call-to-action, into one template you can use consistently across all your web pages.

Released February 13th, 2023. See changelog for details.

Remote content integration

The Remote content integration makes it easy for editors to reference product catalogs from e-commerce platforms like Commerce Layer and Commercetools or embed web forms and surveys from Typeform in your web application. Furthermore, you can use content from almost anywhere by building a custom integration using the API.

Released January 4th, 2023. See changelog for details.

Live video streaming

Embed a real-time streaming video in your web application using the Live stream asset. Auto-saving your live stream lets you keep an on-demand video in your media library that you can use anywhere.

Released December 15th, 2022. See changelog for details.


The list of features above is part of our current product plan and some future items on our roadmap. In line with the flexible nature of our development and the Prepr culture of keeping up with the latest technology and trends, the estimated timelines and details mentioned here might change. Check out our Changelog to stay updated.


Please note that these items are for informational purposes only and are not a binding commitment. The development, release and timing are subject ot change. So, don't rely on this information when making purchasing decisions, but do call us for questions you might have on any of these features.