Fetching a single message

Fetching a single message

GET https://api.eu1.prepr.io/messages/{id}?fields=sent,replied_at{sent}
    "id": "caf5c136-f62a-4e65-b5b4-078d2bt73651",
    "created_on": "2017-03-08T15:46:41+0000",
    "changed_on": null,
    "label": "AppMessage",
    "nickname": null,
    "body": "Hello world",
    "audio_url": null,
    "video_url": null,
    "audio_source_url": null,
    "video_source_url": null,
    "photo_url": "2017/03/13/app_b054cef86d85b7031335ee1b8f53601f.jpg",

Supported fields

sentPerson or User profile that created the message
repliesList of messages replied on the message
replied_atParent message if the message is a reply
replied_at{sent}Original person that created the parent message

Fields can be added as ?fields= param.

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