Improve the customer experience and increase engagement with recommendations and personalization. Earn your customers’ trust and loyalty by proving how well you understand them.

The Recommendation & Personalization APIs are powered by machine learning to deliver recommendations and personalized recommendations that suit each customer’s tastes and preferences across all your touchpoints.

Bookmarked & Liked

Display the publications bookmarked, subscribed, viewed or liked by the customer.

You can query the bookmarked publications, with the GraphQL API like this:

  NewsArticles( where : { _personalize_bookmarked : true } ) {
    items {

To get personalized results, it's required to pass a Personal Access Token for that user.

Next to _personalize_bookmarked you can also pass the filters _personalize_viewed, _personalize_subscribed, _personalize_liked, _personalize_voted and _personalize_shared.

More on this in the GraphQL Documentation.