Manage content items

Easily manage your content items by using some basic features in Prepr.


This article shows you how to perform your core tasks as a content editor including:

Let's look at these basic features in more detail.

Create a content item

To create a content item:

  1. Go to the Content tab. Here you'll find a list of all content items in your Prepr environment.
  2. Click Add item. The availability of models depends on the user role and permissions you have.
  3. Select a model.

Now the content item is created and you can start composing your content.

create item

The shown fields depend on the model settings. Each field can be required and can have help text to help you create content for this specific field.

You can also create language variants of your content item. Check out the Localization doc for more details.

Publish a content item

A published content item means that it is ready to be published and used by the web app. The web app identifies published content items by the status of the content item. You can publish a content item in 2 ways:

Change the status

Content items have the following statuses:

  • To do is the initial status when you first create a new content item.
  • In progress - Change the status to In progress when you are composing the content item.
  • To review - Change the status to To review when you want someone else to review the content item before you publish it.
  • Done shows content items that are ready to be published.
  • Archived can be used for unpublished, old, or draft content items.

To publish your content item, click the content item to open it and simply change the status value in the right-hand column to Done.

Above the list of content items, click the icon on the right to open the Kanban view. Here you can see which content items have been completed, what is being worked on, and which content items still have to be written.

change status


The content item will not be assigned to an editor automatically. When your content needs a review from one of your colleagues, assign this to a Prepr user. They will receive a notification at the top of their screen.

Learn more about workflows, statuses, and assignees.

Schedule a content item

After composing your content items, you can schedule them to be published at a later date.

  1. Click the content item that you want to schedule.
  2. Enable the Schedule toggle on the right.
  3. Enter the desired publish date and choose a time.
  4. Set the status to Done and your content item will be published on the entered date and time automatically.

You can see all scheduled content items in the List view and the Kanban view.

  • List view: Go to the content item list . In the Filter section on the right, go to *Published * and select a future day/period.
  • Kanban view: Above the list of content items, click the icon on the right to open the Kanban view. The Done column contains all content items with the status Done and the publish date and time in the future.

publish in the future

To schedule a content item to be archived automatically, similarly enable the Schedule toggle and enter the Archive on date and time.

Preview content items

Prepr offers various options to preview your entered content. This can be useful in case you want to view the content before publishing.

You can preview content items if one or several review URLs have been set on the model. Learn more about how to manage review URLs.

  1. Scroll to the review section in the sidebar. The first added review URL is shown as default.
  2. Click the name of the review (in the below example, it's called Open in Production) to open the content item in a new tab.
  3. Click the dropdown to choose from one of the other added review URLs.

content previewing

If you do not yet have your own front end linked to the Prepr API, you can still easily preview your content.

Click the Preview button in the content item sidebar. An overlay appears with a clear overview of your content. The preview only contains fields that have been selected in the model as Show in preview. Check out model field settings for more details.


From April 24th, 2023, the Preview button is no longer available for new Prepr accounts created after this date. To preview your content before publishing, please set up a review URL on a model. Learn more

content previewing in content items

Manage versions

Content item versioning enables you to do the following tasks:

  • Reset your last content item edits.
  • Keep track of all the changes in a content item.
  • Revert to a previous version when needed.
  • Look for older versions in your content item.
  • See every change made in a content item.

You can find content item versions in the sidebar when you edit a content item. Click Earlier versions to see the version history of this content item.


Select one of the versions and click View to open the specific content item version. The yellow notification bar indicates that you are viewing an older content item version.

To restore a previous version, click Restore to open this version for further editing.

All fields and drag-and-drop elements are versioned. There is no version history of the slug and workflow settings. Content item versioning is available per locale.

Check the activity log

All actions on a content item are logged by Prepr. You can find the actions made by Prepr users in the activity sidebar. Here you have a clear insight into all status changes, assignees, and save actions.

activity log

Delete a content item

You can delete a content item as follows:

  • From the Content items list
  1. Go to the Content tab.
  2. Choose the content item you want to delete, click > Delete.
  3. In the pop-up window, click Delete again to confirm the action.

Delete from content item list

  • From the Content item page
  1. Go to the Content tab.
  2. Click to open a content item you want to delete
  3. On the Content item page, click the Delete button.
  4. In the pop-up window, click Delete again to confirm the action.

Delete from content item page

Delete a language variant

If you manage multi-language content, then you also have the option to delete a specific language variant. Click to delete a content item and then choose a preferred option:

Delete language variant

It is also possible to delete a language variant using the API. Please refer to the ​​GraphQL API docs for more information.

Find your content items

Filter content items

Prepr makes it even easier to filter precisely the content you're looking for with Advanced Content Filters. You can select multiple filters to narrow down your search results effectively.

The content item filters allow you to filter your content by model (for example, All blog posts) and on supporting models (for example, All blog posts by a specific author). You can use the following content item filters in Prepr:

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Model
  • Published
  • Language (locale)
  • Tags

content item filters

Publishing filters are retained for a session. So the next time you visit the overview of the content items, the last selected filters will be active. If you often use the same filters in your Prepr environment, you can save your content item filters. Make the filter selection and click on Save filter. Saved filters will be visible to all users of this environment.

Give the filter a name and save it. The quick filter now appears in the list sidebar. To activate the saved filter, click on the filter. The filters are entered and the content item list only contains the filtered content items.

saved filters

To remove a saved filter, click on Edit, select the filter you want removed and click on the trash can.

Search content items

Type any keyword to search content items within the content item list. All text fields and text elements are indexed and searchable. To narrow down search results, you can search by a content title, slug, or item ID.

When you enter a search query, a drop-down list appears with the following search options:

  • Search on title
  • Search on slug
  • Search on ID

Searching by a title or slug is a fuzzy search, you will get search results when you enter part of the title. When you search by ID, enter the exact ID of the content item you are looking for.