Beautiful new features and important updates are added to Prepr on a daily basis. This changelog gives you an insight into the most eye-catching releases. Be aware that updates can be rolled out in phases so they may not always be available in all Prepr environments at the same time.

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More accessible content with 27 new Arabic locales

February 6th, 2024

As requested, we've expanded the range of locales with Arabic languages. We've included 27 new countries in the list of locales, such as Egypt ar-EG and Morocco ar-MA. If you have international partnerships and customers, make your content more accessible and marketable by publishing content in their local language.

Check out our localization docs to learn how to work with localization.

Arabic locales

If you need a specific locale that is not listed, please contact our Support Team, and we will add it upon request.

Create better content structures with Stack in a component

January 31st, 2024

The long awaited Stack in a component feature has been released. As a developer, you can now add a Stack field to components. This means that you can create more logical, flexible, and scalable content structures for your component-based pages.

A typical example is when you need a row of buttons in a Call to action. To do this, create a Button row component and add a stack field to it to hold the buttons. You can then add the button row to any component you need like a Call to action.

Watch the video on how to use Stack in components.

add stack field to component

Enjoy a renewed Dynamic Content Editor and Content Item detail page

January 25th, 2024

We are happy to enter the new year with this release which promises to deliver a multitude of benefits to you as a content editor:

We implemented a new front-end framework in preparation for an upcoming release of the Live preview feature. Check out our roadmap for more details. You can now enjoy faster page loads with this update and a consistent layout when editing a content item with reference or stack fields. See below for an example of the renewed look and feel of the Personalization and A/B testing blocks in a stack field:

updated personalization block

This release also includes some reworked code resulting in faster loads and an improvement to the word counter and SEO information. The deprecated Preview button has also been removed, but check out the content item preview doc for details on how to set up your own preview URLs.

A new Dynamic Content Editor has been implemented to give you a better user experience when editing lots of content at once. It's based on an established API that resolves some ongoing issues. You will notice clearer validations in the dynamic content fields, an improvement to the copy-paste function within content items and from external sources to content items, and the ability to use the Undo and Redo options.

New content editor

Make the most out of your components with the location field

January 25th, 2023

We are pleased to announce that you can now include the location field in components. Enjoy this flexibility when modeling your content, for example, in an Event component where the event location is essential for this type of content.

The location field in a component works the same way it does in a model.

For developers who need to make API requests, the location field in a component is available as of GraphQL version 2023-11-02.

Gain more flexibility with new read/write options on your fields

January 25th, 2024

With the release of new read/write options, you have more control over how fields are used by content editors and developers. As requested, you can now set the following new options on a field:

  • Read / write - The field can be edited in the UI.
  • Read only - The field can’t be edited in the UI, but it can be edited through the API.
  • Developer only - The field is only visible for users with developer permissions.

field appearance settings

New Stack filter on content items

January 22nd, 2024

We are happy to bring you a new Stack field filter on content items in the GraphQL API and the Prepr UI. This feature makes it even easier to filter your content items. If you have content items with Stack fields that reference other content items, it is now possible to filter by these referenced content items. To add this filter in an API request, check out more details in the reference docs.

filter with stack

Prepr's UI is now up to eight times faster

January 16th, 2024

Prepr continually strives to enhance the reliability and performance of its applications. This is our primary focus, and we are always seeking ways to improve user and developer experiences.

A recent update to our database queries has significantly improved the speed of our APIs and the UI. As a result, working with Prepr has become twice as fast since this past weekend. If you use the Mutation API, GraphQL API, and the Prepr UI in a development chain, you could experience time savings of up to eight times.

If you have any feedback on the speed improvements, feel free to respond to